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FAQ | OCR Gateway

What is OCR technology?
How does OCR Gateway work?
Is OCR Gateway template-based or powered by machine learning?
How accurate is OCR Gateway?
What kind of documents does OCR Gateway support?
Using OCR Gateway
What types of businesses can use OCR Gateway?
What departments typically use OCR Gateway?
Does OCR Gateway integrate with my ERP, CRM, or other internal business systems?
How can OCR Gateway help automate my business processes?
I want to start using OCR Gateway; how much will it cost?

I’d like to learn more about how my business can
use OCR Gateway to automate our workflows.

We’d love to work with you to optimize your business’ document processing workflows!
Get in touch with us.
About us
We heard the same complaint from our clients time and time again: document processing was a pain due to manual data entry. And when we couldn't find an accurate document automation tool, we decided to build one. Thus, OCR Gateway was born.
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