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OCR Technology? Yes, you'll use it in real world

When I try to read a map, an arguably life-changing tool, my mind combusts. I know that I recognize the merging lines and their meanings, but when I see them as a whole, I almost become convinced that I’ve never seen a line before. For me, the hang-up is maps, for some it’s calculating tip percentages in their heads, and for many it’s understanding digital technology. However, it doesn’t have to be.

The technology of optical character recognition (OCR) can feel overwhelming when it is not clear how it helps businesses operate, organize information, and communicate with more ease. Nonetheless, everyone has the capability to understand and utilize the effectiveness of a photo to text converter when we learn about its relevance to us.

OCR, like robust OCR engines with self-learning AI, is a technology that is able to recognize text from an image, so it allows printed text, PDF files, and images to be converted into editable and searchable data. This lets companies save time and money by abandoning manual data entry and automating document-related workflows. Novel as it seems, this has been around for a long time!